©TNOC| The New Objective Collective


Individual Minds | Collective Results

  1. Bulletwe formulate your new objectives

  2. Bullet to be innovative

  3. Bullet measurable and attainable

  4. Bullet and deliver them using formats

  5. Bullet blending experts who would normally not work together

  6. Bullet combining  freelance experts

  7. Bullet and conventional suppliers

  8. Bullet specialised in the hospitality, meetings  & events services industry

  9. Bullet to deliver results more effectively

  10. Bullet in less time

  11. Bullet with more fun

  12. Bullet less effort

In our fast changing environments we seek to formulate simple objectives and deliver on them collectively. 

Time is ticking away, can you afford to wait? 

Mail or call us to see how we can help meet your objectives collectively, 

Ruud Janssen - Founder


©TNOC | The New Objective Collective

What we do = Craft Live, Hybrid & Digital Footprints for Organisations and Events

Why we do it = Captivate | Cultivate | Elevate

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Chamber of commerce / Handelsregister Kanton BL, Switzerland



©TNOC demonstrates what is currently possible using readily available applications. Click here if you would like the team at ©TNOC to assist you in doing the same for your organisation. 

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